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Indulge in the Mellowed Warmth of Quilts and Comforters

Nothing compares to the warmth given by a mushy & velvety quilt on cold winter nights. The handmade quilts & comforters are an incredible work of art & radiate the fervor of the hands that made them.

Bring home a touch of world-class comfort & infuse your bed-room with handmade quilts- modern or traditional, vibrant or muted. Check the exclusive range of year-round voguish quilts and comforters & online quilt patterns that lend lavish texture & ultra-fine elegance to your bed.

Our quilts showcase imaginative and timeless designs of traditional hand craftsmanship& represent a vast muster of ingenious motif ranging from bright floral to classic stripes & global-suave woodblock prints. Bombaybirds is the ultimate destination of best quilt covers, online quilt patterns & handmade quilts for sale.



Traditions Related to Quilts:

Quilts are not merely a patchwork of patterns, but narrator of events & traditions associated with it. Quilts are often made to marked significant life events like the birth of a child, wedding, a family member leaving home or on accomplishment of academic degree.

The contemporary quilts are not always purposive made for bedding & may also be used as wall hangings, tablecloths or table runners. The techniques used in quilting are sometimes subsumed in garment design as well.

Quilt-stitching oriented competitions & shows are held in many countries on local, regional & national level. However, United States, Europe & Japan are known to organize quilt shows on international levels too.

Some of the reasons a person might decide to fabricate a quilt for are Bedding, Decoration, Commemoration, education-oriented, documenting significant historical events, raising funds for a noble cause, Expression of art and a Gift.

Techniques Involved in Quilt Making:

1.Patchwork and Piercing: Patchwork counts among one of the most common techniques involved in making quilt, wherein different geometric pieces of fabric are sewed together to form a block/design. This stitching is done with hands or with the help of a sewing machine.

2.Appliqué: Appliqué refers to a sewing technique in which the upper layer of the cloth is sewed to the ground fabric. The contour of the fabric applied to the ground fabric can differ in shape. There are different types of Appliqué styles & techniques. Two of the renowned include needle turn appliqué & Borderie perse.

3.Quilting: Quilting is the key component of making a quilt wherein the three layers of the fabrics are sewed together to make a bulky stuffed material. The three layers involved are: the top fabric, the insulating material & backing material. Quilting is done by hand, by a sewing machine or by longarm quilting machine.

The quilts & comforters provide one-of-a-kind experience. Choose best quilt covers from the extensive collection of online quilt patterns & handmade quilts for sale & revamp the aura of your bedroom.