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Earrings- The Evergreen Fashion Statement

Ever wondered when humans began adorning their earlobes with trinkets & baubles? Do you want to find out if wearing earrings carried significance or was it a mere style statement? Bombaybirds bring you the opportunity to discover the intriguing history associated with earrings!

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Beguiling History of these Baubles:

The antiquity of earrings is a fascinating one as both genders wore earrings for around millennia. A five thousand year old body that was discovered in the Italian Alps revealed that men used to wear earrings. And Europe’s oldest known mummy, Otzi the Iceman, had a borehole in his earlobe of around 7-11 mm in diameter.

Scholars have traced that even Ancient Egyptians wore earrings. The British Museum has preserved gold earrings from Egypt that date back to (1200-1186 BC) 19th Dynasty. The museum also includes tomb paintings of men & women wearing earrings from the New Kingdom Era (1550-1070 BC).

Thus, we can conclude that earrings & the practice of piercing are incredibly ancient.

Symbol of Status: History reveals that people from Mesopotamia to Asia in 3000 BC used to wear earring that would signify their religion, political affliction or the tribe they belonged to. The affluent people of Egypt used to flaunt their status by assembling heavy loops of gold, silver or gems. In contrary to which the lower-class residents wore humble pieces made from beads & copper.

Wearing Earrings provide Spiritual Protection: Ancients believed that evil spirits & sickness could enter the body through orifices. However, an individual could be protected if certain amulets were worn at these entryways, which also includes ears.

According to ancient doctors, earrings & gemstones engraved in them had the capability to cure diseases & improve eyesight.
Earrings were even crafted into tribal symbols that were known to either bring good luck or repel evil spirits. One such oldest known amulet is Egyptian ankh, the sign of a cross with a loop on top of it. It is believed to grant the wearer exuberance, health & long-life.




Earrings- your modern talisman:

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